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Michael lvankovich Presentation Series

Michael Ivankovich is an Author, Appraiser, Auctioneer, Home Downsizing Specialist, Fundraising Auctioneer, Meeting Speaker, and much more. And Michael may be available to speak to your group, organization, or event.

Michael has spoken before a wide variety of groups including:

  • Adult Evening Schools
  • Adult Continuing Education
  • Antiques & Auction Groups
  • Church Groups
  • Civic Groups
  • Financial Advisors
  • Libraries
  • Non-Profit Groups
  • Questers
  • Retirement Communities
  • Radio & TV
  • Retirement Groups
  • Women's Groups
  • 55+ Communities

    Here's How our "What's It Worth" Zoom Appraisal Program Actually Works

We often hear that people have difficulty understanding how our Whats It Worth Virtual Zoom Appraisal will work. This video shows how, with good graphics and a large monitor, our program actually works. Call us at (215)-264-4304 for further details.

Our Latest Program…Available September 1st

"Cashing In: What's It Worth and How to Sell It"

We all have items we hope to turn into cash, including Antiques, Collectibles, Inherited Treasures, and Household "Stuff" that's just lying around. The two most common questions we hear as appraisers are "What's It Worth?" and "How Can I Sell It?".

In this program Mike & Sue Ivankovich will share 50+ ways you can determine "What's It Worth"…and then they'll share 25+ ways you can turn those assets into cash.

They'll touch on Furniture, Art & Prints, Coins & Stamps, China & Glass, Cut Glass & Crystal, Figurines, Jewelry, Sterling Silver & Silverplate, Books, Toys, Militaria, Vinyl Records, Crafts, and much more.

Zoom Hybrid Programs and
10 Ways Libraries Can Increase Zoom Attendance

Mike Ivankovich

Librarians and Program Chairs: Decreased attendance at your virtual programs may be due to "Zoom Burnout", but perhaps there are other reasons as well. In the column Mike reviews the benefits of "Hybrid Zoom Meetings" and ten ways libraries can increase Zoom attendance. For those unfamiliar with "Hybrid" meetings, these are where those who prefer to remain at home attend virtually, while others can meet at the library and join others using the library's equipment and technical expertise.

We invite you to print-out and/or read this column and hope you enjoy it.

For further details call Mike at 215-264-4304
to discuss his speaking schedule and your organization's needs.

About Michael lvankovich

Mike has been involved in some phase of the Auction, Antiques and Collectibles business for more than 40 years. He is a frequent lecturer and has spoken before groups too numerous to list. He has authored more than 20 books and eBooks in his areas of specialty, has written articles and columns for most major national trade papers, has appeared on various radio and television programs, is frequently consulted by antique columnists from throughout the country, and has served as a contributing advisor within his specialty areas to all major Antiques & Collectibles Price Guides.

Mike is a Home Downsizing Specialist based in Doylestown (Bucks County) PA. His primary role is to guide clients through the entire Home Downsizing process, helping them understand the value of their personal property assets, helping them determine whether they have any valuable hidden treasures, and helping them dispose of their excess personal property assets for the greatest amount of cash, with the least amount of work, in the shortest amount of time. His book, Home Downsizing in Four Easy Steps, can be found on Amazon.com.

His Appraisal and Home Downsizing work led to the start of his "What's It Worth? Ask Mike the Appraiser" Radio Show in 2014. Since that time Mike has hosted more than 350 shows with wide-ranging topics and guests from around the country. His show can be heard Friday mornings from 9:30-10:30 AM (Eastern time) on WBCB 1490 AM in Philadelphia PA, or live on the internet at: www.WBCB1490.com

And with the advent of the Corona Virus Pandemic, Mike transitioned his live in-person speaking programs to Zoom and at the time this was written, Mike and his wife Susan had nearly 150 Zoom Programs booked in 18 states, and this Zoom aspect of his business is still growing.

He is a GPPA (Graduate Personal Property Appraiser), MPPA (Master Personal Property Appraiser), and an Appraisal Institute USPAP-certified Appraiser specializing in written Appraisals for Probate & Estate Tax, Insurance, Inheritance, Divorce, Insurance, Non-Cash Charitable Donation, Life Planning, or other personal, business, or legal purposes.

Mr. Ivankovich is also a licensed Auctioneer in Pennsylvania and has conducted Auctions in nine states. He has been named Pennsylvania's "Auctioneer of the Year" by fellow Auctioneers, and has served as President of the Bucks County Antiques Dealers Association. He is an experienced Fundraising Auctioneer who has been helping non-profit groups raise needed funds for good causes for nearly 20 years, and his books "Fundraising Auction Secrets" and "Jump Start Your Fundraising Auction" have helped non-profits to raise much needed funds for their causes.